Monday, June 06, 2005


On Saturday we had no change to buy tickets for the tram, and we could not break our huge 50 Euro bills to get any. We were condemned to walk most of the day.

At Place Broglie there was an art market. The works were interesting, although I felt that the artists relied too much on African influences, but incorporated African elements abstractly without portraying any warmth. We also went to “the market of the mountains” near Temple Neuf where K bought a small, ceramic rabbit. The “artisans” were sitting around a pan of frying sausages as they joked with one another. Of course, the artisan had to tease me. I pointed to the one K wanted, he pointed to another – repeat several times. How long did it take before I realized he was fooling me? I am a sucker every time. We stopped at the Cathedral briefly. K obsessed over the gargoyles, I over the windows.

After an afternoon of my slave-driving, K insisted that we stop to eat. We stopped at a brasserie across from Pont de Corbeau (where the patricides and infanticides were put in cages and cast into the river to die). K ordered her first Flammkuchen (tarte flambée) and loved it! – cream, onions, potatoes and Munster. Afterwards we stopped at a cheese shop to buy more Munster. I spoke with the cheese monger for a while – he hummed a verse of the Bee Gees’ “Massachusetts” when I told him where we were from.

Altars and Statues
Sunday we took the train to Colmar, a small city that grew as a market for the wine trade.
Awesome photo. Eat some cheese for me!

We are eating lots of cheese -- walking around all day makes us hungry!
mmmmmm .... Flammkuchen!
I'll eat some more Flamm ... just for you.
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