Tuesday, July 15, 2003


When I got home from the archive today, the landlady informed of things that I was doing wrong. This is becoming a ritual, and she chastises me for things that I was not responsible for or that was not a regular thing.

Today, she told me that I needed to recycle the square cartons that my soy milk comes in because it is plastic. She told me that I needed to take out the bottled for recycling (something which I usually do, but forgot.)

However, she said that I had a bunch of rotting vegetables in the fridge that she had thrown out. This made me a little suspicious. I looked in the fridge and didn't see the slices from the eggplant that I had bought and salted the previous day (according to Alton Brown, it should stay good for a week, and he is pretty conservative.) She had thrown them out. I was livid. She had also taken out vegetables, carrots and fennel, plastic bags and placed them directly on the shelves of the fridge.

I feel that she does this to exercise some sort of moral authority over me. It is becoming ridiculous. I have a long list of things that she should be doing better in my head. I pray I don't use it.

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