Friday, June 20, 2003

Setbacks and Acquisitions

I made a mistake with my airline ticket. I gave the agents the wrong returning date. I had to spend more money as a result. However, the American Airlines agent did wave the change fee, probably because I called so quickly after receiving the printed tickets. The new ticket costs a total of $740. The bad news: I did not get the lower fare that I wanted (that was on the internet and that may have been a limited time special; I could not simply cancel the ticket to refund the purchase price.) The good news: it is still a cheaper fare to Germany than most that are available (British Airways, which usually has lower fares, only offered $920.) The difference that I paid was only for the difference in fare between the two tickets.

We bought a digital camera yesterday. I wanted to get one in order to photograph documents in the archives. Karen and I went to Best Buys and tried out every camera, taking pictures of a piece of paper from 2-3 feet away to see which could pick up the letters on the page best (Rob, who helped us, was very patient and accomadating.) The winner? A Nikon Coolpix 4300 (for $450). It did the best job of all the cameras under $600, and it handles in a camera-manner. Furthermore, it was easier to use. The bad side is that it is motion sensitive (but I guess that all digital cameras are.)

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