Thursday, June 05, 2003

Parts I-IV of our New Mexico vacation (Exploring my Nuevomexicano roots) appear below in reverse chronological order. The Yahoo picture links should now work.

Thanks to a question by Bridget, I have ...

Review of Hotel: The Historic Taos Inn

The Taos Inn is a nice place to stay. It is right in the center of town, so you can walk to the shopping plaza and some of the museums with few problems. The restaurant is great, especially for break fast (called Doc Martens). It also has a bar and front patio that fill up at night. However, the hotel staff is really good at keeping things quiet after 10.30 pm. The rooms are nice--ours was a little small, but we were going for the cheapest room (it did not have a fireplace.) The furniture is dark wood. The bed was comfy. There are rooms further back from the main hotel that are supposed to be very romantic. The hotel has a pool, but it was not filled while we were there. We didn't ask why. There are two possibilities. First, they don't fill it until summer. Second, there is a drought in NM. More than likely it is a combination of the two: in order to keep there water bills down the hotel does not fill the pool until guests start paying summer rates. There is a jacuzzi that was in operation. The staff is VERY FRIENDLY and VERY HELPFUL.

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