Sunday, June 15, 2003

It looks as if I have settled many of the issues that I had with my upcoming research trip. I was having problems finding a place to stay in Dusseldorf on short notice. Many places had been taken up very quickly (there was one listing to take up a room in a place with an artist and his son, but the listing disappeared the next day before I could request it from the real estate agency.) So I came to a decision about how I would deal with the trip. Rather than staying in Dusseldorf and then Cologne, I would stay in Cologne for six weeks and buy a monthly rail pass that would allow me to go to the state archives in Dusseldorf. This pass should cost no more than 150 Euros. I would save a little money by making this arrangement, so I am not so worried about the added costs in transportation.

Furthermore, I found a good fare from expedia.com of all places. They have a number of special prices for flights that use American Airlines to fly into Zurich and then to take a Swiss Air commuter flight to the German destination. I will fly into Stuttgart on July 2. My occupancy in Cologne won’t begin until July 4 (but I did not want to fly the day before a major weekend holiday.) I decided on Stuttgart for silly reasons: it is a jet rather than a prop plane (I have bad memories of being on a Saab 2000 flying into Quebec city; the plane to Cologne is a Saab; the plane to Stuttgart is a regional jet.)

Flying into Stuttgart will allow me to visit my friend Uli in Mannheim for a few days. Thereafter I will take the train to Cologne and move into my room. The map shows that it is on (or near) the Ringstrasse, the long street that forms a partial circle around the old town and that took the place of the old city walls. Since I will be within the area of the city walls, many of the things that I would like to see and do for entertainment will be within easy walking distance. The archives and the university are in other parts of town but I will be able to reach them with the subway.
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