Monday, June 09, 2003

I am currently working on my trip to Germany. This will be a research trip, but I also hope to take some time for weekend travel. I will be gone for eight weeks (a little less than two months) and I will stay in Dusseldorf and Cologne. I will also visit an archive in Monchengladbach, but I hope to purchase a rail pass for one week that will allow me to visit it.

Dusseldorf, like many other cities in western Germany, received the brunt of allied bombing during WWII, while eastern cities were more lucky (Berlin excepted.) For this reason, Dusseldorf has been called somewhat charmless. It is a city whose skyline is largely a product of the post-1945 world. What get people to go there is shopping: Dusseldorf has many of the most elegant shops in Europe along the Koenigsallee , and it is the center of German fashion (take that, Dieter.)

Cologne, of course, is somewhere I have visited before. It is a Roman city known for having the largest Gothic cathedral in the world.

I am less familiar with Monchengladbach, so I guess I will discover something on this trip. I don't plan to stay there. The regional rail company offers a monthly rail pass for 90 Euros that allows passengers to travel anywhere at any time. I am hoping that they have a weekly pass.

I am currently working thought a real estate agent to find apartments, either by myself or places that I will share. My budget for housing is 1000 Euro, which must include the "finder's fee."
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